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German Korean and Japanese Auto Dismantler is a pre-owned auto parts business located on the West Coast of the USA in the city of Huntington Beach, CA.   We specialize on most European, Korean and Japanese vehicles.

Our team focuses on providing our customers with top of the line pre-owned auto parts.  Every single vehicle that is received on our installations goes through a detailed and deep inspection before any parts are removed to ensure customer satisfaction.


We carry most OEM parts available in the market.  Engines, Transmissions, Suspensions, Body Parts, Electrical Parts, etc.  



We strive for customer satisfaction.  

Every single part that leaves our business goes through a detailed inspection before is released.  We take extra steps that others might skip in order to accelerate the selling proccess.

We take pride on every item purchased by our customers. Rigorous and extensive inspections are performed before the part is removed to the time the part is ready for shipment or sell.  

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